Monday, November 15, 2010

Free writing experiment

God I hate interviewing people. It's either totally obvious that person belongs at X, totally obvious they don't, or just really, really meh, and those are by far the hardest feedbacks to write. I try to include a whole bunch of funny shit in my feedbacks. My last contained the phrase "I am profoundly ambivalent regarding this person's chances of success at X". I thought that would be pretty unhelpful, but I didn't get a negative feedback report.

I'm really trying to find a new hobby. I kinda like writing, and think that I am reasonably good at it, with a bit of editing, but I don't really have anything to write about. I could write about myself, I guess, but I don't find myself to be particularly interesting. I mean there are billions of people on earth who struggled through adversity to get where they are, and really all I did was be blessed with good genes, good parents, and just kinda showed up at the right time.

The uproar regarding this latest set of security theater procedures by the TSA both cracks me up and annoys me. Why the fuck must the line be drawn here? They were already groping you and making you wait 45 minutes in lines to go through procedures which have no proven effect on airplane safety. Doesn't it make you feel safer to have some Latino guy on a power trip grab your junk and proclaim that it is not an incendiary device? If the Republicans are smart, they will seize on this issue and gain political capital by claiming to be cutting costs by cutting these programs.

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