Thursday, May 13, 2010

As it stands

I have taken on the task of reading all volumes of the Oxford History of the United States. The first one is amazing so far, and they were only $10 each on the Kindle. Also, I bought a Kindle. The thing is amazing.

I have been playing piano. I am trying not to play for too often each day, so that I don't burn out on it. I have been making steady progress.

I am unfortunately back playing World of Warcraft again for most of my free time. It's not something I'd like to be still doing 6 months from now, but I am having fun with it for now.

I started writing a political blog, but I can't really figure out what I want it to be exactly. I might try to contribute somewhat to a friend's political blog. Blog blog blog blog

I am trying to figure out what in my room I can get rid of before I move, to make the task less arduous and also because it feels good to get rid of things you no longer need.

I keep trying to find a good reason to quit my job, but I am unable. If I had any kind of revenue stream to fall back on doing something I actually enjoy, I might be tempted enough to quit. I don't really enjoy programming, and I'm not particularly good at it. I keep trying to find a way to leverage my ability to think of witty one-liners, but I can't figure out a way to get paid for it. Also thinking of jokes under pressure is a different animal from thinking of them on the fly.

Still single, no real progress on that front. I doubt I'd be a good boyfriend anyway, so I like to think of it as sparing some woman out there some tears.

I stay up too late still. That sucks, but I find it difficult to go to sleep before 3am.

My friend moved back to California. I thought it would make me happy, but I really don't care. She apparently doesn't either, as she hasn't attempted to contact me at all.

I'm still seeking out inspiration and coming up short.

Song of the moment:

And I was green, greener than the hill
Where flowers grew and sun shone still
Now I'm darker than the deepest sea
Just hand me down, give me a place to be

Bonus: One of the most beautiful songs ever recorded